Miken Softball Bat - Super Freak Maxload Usssa 2 Piece. TO WATCH A BP VIDEO OF THIS BAT CLICK HERE $179.95

Miken Softball Bat - Super Freak Maxload Usssa 2 Piece

 This Miken Softball Bat - Super Freak Maxload Usssa 2 Piece will be the first generation of Super Freaks that come in the 2 Piece Triad Tecnology and with .5 Maxload. 14.5 inch barrel. Maxload swing weight. Thin Handle. 100% Composite. 750X High Pressure Infusion technology. Mikens proprietary HPI (High Pressure Infusion) injects ultra-tough epoxy into the highest grade aerospace carbon and aramid fibers at 750 pounds per square inch! Extreme pressure and premium materials produce a game changing level of performance and durability. R900 Carbon fiber provides 38.8" higher tensile strength than industry standard carbon fiber.  Multi-layer Biaxial technology precisely aligns and bonds filaments of premium aerospace-grade carbon fiber to produce extreme durability and output. 100 COMP is the revolutionary formula that changed the game and introduced certified Miken high performance equipment. Extreme X-Tack takes knob grip to the next level with a comfortable feel. The optimal amount of tack gives players additional bat control when it matters most. Made in USA.


The super freak 2pc is one of the top 4 USSSA, NSA bats along with the Miken Triad Maxload, Miken DC-41 and the Worth Mutant Jeff Hall. The stiff handle feels great. I wish the barrel was stiffer but it is made for the guys that like the softer barrel.  The .5oz end load make it a very easy bat to swing. Reviewed by Anthony Kelly


USSSA, NSA, ISA Approved. 
"This bat has the USSSA 2013 Stamp"



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