Combat Portent G3 ASA ONLY Softball Bat

$60.00 - $80.00
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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Josh, 02/12/2018

Had 3 of these now. Very durable and performed well. Little behind some other top tier bats initially but 300ft was easy enough but handled every ball from 52/300 to derby balls like a champ. All lasted close to or over 1000 swings. Once rattle starts its lights out.

Reviewed by John Tracy, 02/03/2018

First time used, solid line drive single. 3 for 4 in 1st game, all solid shots. Home run in 2nd game. can't say enough about this bat!

Reviewed by Bobby Simmons, 02/03/2018

Great bat! This is the second one I purchased. I had to get a second one in case anything happened to the original one. Purchased the 1st one 2 years ago. Great sweet spot and had it broken in within 75 hits.

Reviewed by Dave Hammel, 02/02/2018

This is the 2nd one that I own and I got this one with the break in service. Hot right out of the wrapper. Bit different sound but not noticeable when the ball flies

Reviewed by Raul Samarripas, 01/31/2018

Great bat for the price hit right out of the wrapper

Reviewed by Ray Z, 08/19/2017

First Combat I ever bought. Bat is great! Same pop as any of the 300.00 bats! Feels great.

Reviewed by Josh, 08/15/2017

$60??? Great bat for base rips and you cant beat the price at all!

Reviewed by Josh, 08/14/2017

Got this bat with the break in. I've put about 30 hits on it and feels great already. Nice sound and great pop. I can't believe their selling it for less than $100.

Reviewed by Joe, 08/13/2017

2015 Combat Portent G3 ASA , Great Bat for the price...Hits in the gap for easy base hits. Commended

Reviewed by Howard Voorhees, 08/11/2017

I'm a 81 yr. old senior player, got this bat a week ago, with this bat, I can still reach the fence. can't clear it, but I've bounced a few off at 300 feet. It has great pop for a ASA bat. as always great service from Mike .

Reviewed by William Brant, 08/07/2017

Regrettably, I didn't get the advanced break in but slowly but surely, I have been able to get it broken in. This bat has great pop and it's everything that is advertised.

Reviewed by Mike L., 07/30/2017

I bought the 26 ounce size but found that it actually weighed exactly 25 oz. Otherwise OK.

Reviewed by Antwann, 07/29/2017

Great bat!!! The entire team loves it and has a lot of pop out the wrapper.

Reviewed by John, 07/27/2017

Just purchased this bat last week. Also purchased the break in service. Bat came within four business days. This bat for the price is the best bargain out there. It hits the 52X 300 ball as good as any expense ASA bat on the market. I would recommend this bat and the break in service.

Reviewed by Greg H, 07/21/2017

Needed a value bat for ASA league. Extremely pleased with my new Portent. Great sweet spot, balance, sound. Clean graphics and nice grip too. Strongly considering getting another!

Reviewed by Clark, 07/02/2017

Great bat! Was hitting pills right out of the wrapper. Have about 200 cuts on it and it is wide open. Best ASA bat around

Reviewed by Greg, 06/26/2017

Nice bat, needs a bit of break in. Price couldn't be beat. Now that Combat is out of business, these will be rare jewels. Hope it holds up :-)

Reviewed by Mike F., 06/25/2017

For $50 it's a steal. Then figure in the $10 lizard skin grips. I'll pick this bat over a $300 bat any day.

Reviewed by Samuel Fire, 06/24/2017

I just purchased this bat from Kelly's. Fast delivery and processing. About the bat it was sort of hot out of wrapper but after 200 swings on it, it is opening up. I am hitting hard line drives with this bat to all fields. I believe it is slightly end loaded even though it says balanced. I love the wood bat like sound when hitting a ball. I love this bat and I am continuing to trust combat for solid performance from their bats.

Reviewed by Don, 06/19/2017

Like just about all the reviews it is a great bat for the $50 or so price point. Feels good and solid without being stiff.

Reviewed by Mike, 06/14/2017

Hot after about 150 can tell its broken in because it will get a "cracking" wooden bat sound...also swings a little heavier and end loaded than u might expect..u may want to consider going an ounce lighter than ur normal bat weight..but the 28oz really hits some lazer 300ft line drives

Reviewed by Luke M, 06/01/2017

On my third one, and I still can't get enough. EASILY the best $50 bat on the market. 300' lasers right out of the wrapper

Reviewed by Bryan, 05/29/2017

Like the other reviews say, great sound and distance right out of the wrapper. I'd hurry up and get one...

Reviewed by JB, 05/28/2017

This is and excellent quality bat for a fraction of the price of most high level bats. It is just as good if not better than the $300 Miken bats I have had in the past.

Reviewed by Jim, 05/22/2017

Bought this bat for a winter league so can't comment on performance just yet. Very satisfied with customer service and bat appearance and graphics. Very quick shipping also. Will do business with Kelly's in the future.

Reviewed by Craig Schroeder, 05/21/2017

So far it great, first game went 3/3. Seems like a good line drive hitting bat

Reviewed by Matt, 05/20/2017

So far so good, first ball I hit was a dinger. Cough* inside the park *cough. This bat put the ball where they arent. Get it hot!

Reviewed by DEE DEWITT, 05/19/2017


Reviewed by Troy, 05/05/2017

I put about 100-200 hits on this bat before it really started to get hot!! I have had so many people tell me how awesome this bat sounds! I recommend this bat to everyone I play with. Truly the best slowpitch bat I own!!

Reviewed by Cory Casey, 05/05/2017

Bat took off right away. Entire team hits this bat serious pop bout 150 knocks on it and fenced quite a few

Reviewed by Brandon K, 04/30/2017

I bought this as a cheap team bat for my ASA co-ed league and have been very happy with it so far. It took a couple rounds of BP to break it, but afterwards it performs really well. The weighting is a little's not end-loaded, but it doesn't feel balanced either (it's almost like a mid-load).

Reviewed by glenn griffiths, 04/28/2017

Great feel, handle fits my hands. Have only used in B.P., season starts today, can't wait to use in game.

Reviewed by Lawrence, 04/28/2017

My first ASA bat. I really like it and it seems to "pop".

Reviewed by Todd, 04/26/2017

I bought this bat with the advanced break-in. Unbelievable! It has an amazing sweetspot and pop. Reminds me of the Combat Anti-Virus from 2009. Almost my entire team is using it now. Well worth the money, outperforming newer $300 bats.

Reviewed by Anthony, 04/22/2017

One of the hottest Asa bats out there it's definitely my favorite

Reviewed by Dave Hammel, 04/21/2017

Has nice swing weight, good pop for a new bat. I really like the grip. Will be a bomb dropper when broke in. Should have used the break in service but extremely happy

Reviewed by Eric, 04/19/2017

Hot out of the wrapper. Sounds like hitting a wood bat. More mid end loaded than balanced. Happy with purchase.

Reviewed by Ryan, 04/16/2017

Hot out of the wrapper. Plenty of pop. Feels a little end heavy though.

Reviewed by Tom, 04/15/2017

I only have a few hits on the bat. It is the first combat bat I have purchased . The is solid and true and has great pop off the bat.

Reviewed by Earl Lent, 04/14/2017

This bat is hot out of the wrapper feels good and has a lot of pop.

Reviewed by Big Brian 21, 04/12/2017

Bat hit well right out of the wrapper. We have to hit the .52 COR 275 comp ball and I was hitting bullets with it right out of the wrapper. Good distance too.

Reviewed by Larry Horton, 04/12/2017

I was looking for a bat I could use in our Rec league . This combat works well. It has good pop for an ASA bat.

Reviewed by Mercedes, 04/07/2017

Just purchased and already in love. I used it for about two rounds of indoor before I used it outside. Even my mis-hits were lazers can't wait for season.

Reviewed by Gene, 04/06/2017

Very impressive from the start, but after only 100 hits it's noticeably much improved.

Reviewed by Ski, 04/06/2017

I bought this bat because the bottom third of our order was horrible and an automatic three outs. Not anymore. This bat improved everyone's batting skill. That includes "Mauricio" are DH hitter, who went from "sure out" to "possible dinker base hit down the first base line." This bat rocks and won us a Mercy rule Champiship game. By far, the best purchase of my softball career.

Reviewed by Bart, 04/05/2017

Always used Combat bats, very consistent and hot out of the wrapper. Purchased the advanced break in service and very happy I did.

Reviewed by Anthony, 04/01/2017

Great bat was better then I expected

Reviewed by Ryan, 02/20/2017

First Combat product I've owned and pleased. Got about 100 cuts and it hits lazers. Definitely not a balanced bat. If you use a 27oz, purchase a 26oz.

Reviewed by James Ferrell, 02/04/2017

It took about 100swings to get the bat to open up. Performs great ball jumps off of bat.

Reviewed by Bobby, 04/27/2016

Hot out of wrapper.....have maybe 30 hits and consistantly hit fence at 325'.



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