2017 Combat Rocket Launcher 1.21 Fully Loaded Senior Softball Bat

Was: $200.00 - $230.00
Now: $100.00 - $130.00
Bat Size:
Advanced Bat Break in Service: Information

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Jerry A, 04/20/2017

Bat will hang with any senior bat,just make sure you get the weight you can handle. For the price you cant beat it. Have a gamer and 2 sitting in plastic.

Reviewed by Michael Hieger, 04/16/2017

Great 'pop' off the bat. Better than expected.
I had the Advanced Softball Bat Break Treatment performed; do not have to deal with a slow break-in period. I recommend it !!!

Reviewed by Doug Brooks, 04/14/2017

Just put the bat on the ball and it does the rest. Good idea to go one ounce lighter than you think.

Reviewed by Mike, 04/14/2017

Good solid bat with some good pop. Hot out of the wrapper with many hard hit line drives.

Reviewed by Gary Roeglin, 04/12/2017

Have the Fully Loaded and the Balanced, with the Advanced Break in. Hits bombs, Get the ABI. Well worth the $30.

Reviewed by Randy " Thunder" Tompkins, 03/31/2017

Used the Rocket launcher in the Spring World Championships in St. George, Utah, and it performed great. I've used several brands of bats, but I was more impressed with the results of the Rocket launcher. I would highly recommend this bat. Nice sweet spot and good distance.

Reviewed by james, 03/29/2017

I had the balanced combat rocket launcher I was hitting lazer shots so as being a normal softball player I went for the endloaded rocket launcher same hot line drives as the balanced but the endload allowed me to hit with more distance ty Kelly ultimate sports

Reviewed by Bill M., 08/08/2016

This bat is one of the if not THE best bat I've ever swung. The ball literally jumps of the bat. Two thumbs up. Thank you Combat.

Reviewed by Moises Galarza, 08/07/2016

I have over 300 hits on this bat and It's got a lot more before it is broken in, it already is a nasty bat, Love it! I will recommend it, It's a great buy for under $200.

Reviewed by Bill Marino 6/3/16, 06/03/2016

I'm not a big fan of one piece bats, but in this case I'll make an exception. This bat is absolutely AWSOME!!!
This bat is the "real McCoy'.

Reviewed by John Barrow, 04/25/2016

Finally had time to put a lot of hits on EL version . AT about 200 hits it starts launching some serious bombs . As far or farther than anything I have hit .

Reviewed by Scott Fineout, 04/25/2016

Love this bat,endload takes a lot of hits to get used to,but dont give up on it,Your cheating yourself if you do.Continues to get hotter as I use it.Have about 500 hits on it so far,Some small paint line chips,but has nothing to do with performance.We hit Trump Stotes and a few long haul bomber balls in BP,The bomber balls sound like a deer rifle going off,and fly forever. Thanks again

Reviewed by Stephen Shepanski, 04/17/2016

Great bat - but the endload is the real deal - when they say order an ounce below what your normally swing do that. I usually swing a 27 el and am shipping back my 27 Rocket Launcher for a 26.