2017 Miken Softball Bats DC-41 Supermax ASA

$249.95 - $279.95
UPC: 658925035630
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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Spearsie, 08/16/2017

Bought the DC41 after looking at the reviews. I decided to get the ABB and it was the right call on both. The bat came hot right out of the wrapper. We have several good bats on our team - the DC41 became "the bat" for all our power hitters. We have a radar gun and tested exit velocities - it is a good 5 mph faster than any bat we have. The true test is total distance and the DC41 out clearly performs every bat. The endload is noticeable making you feel like you can murder it. All that power comes without being too difficult to control. I recently won a Homerun Derby with it - done and done. If you are looking for power with sacrificing too much control - check out the DC41. Definitely get the ABB - worth every penny!

Reviewed by Nicole, 06/03/2017

Bat took a little longer than expected to get to me, through no fault of Kelly's Ultimate Sports; the bat was on backorder from the supplier. Mike Kelly upgraded my shipping at no additional cost to me and was very quick to respond to all my emails.
Bat feels great, no negative feedback through the handle, even if it doesn't hit the sweet spot on the bat (got a home run almost off the end). The end load is there without too much pull. Excellent feeling bat. ABI service made this bat extra hot out of the wrapper. Thanks K.U.S. will def recommend in the future for great product and excellent customer service.

Reviewed by Jim, 03/21/2017

Got the ABI done to the bat and as advertised it was hot right out of the wrapper. Hits the 52 cor 300 comp softballs really well. I have 2 broken in USSSA bats and this Supermax is right there with them. Hoping it will get even hotter with time. Love the endload and the bat has a nice look and feel to it.

Reviewed by Chris, 03/19/2017

Best asa bat I've swung. Hotter than my 15 og flipper

Reviewed by Ryan, 03/14/2017

Crushes 52/300!