2017 Miken Freak Platinum Big Cat Softball Bats

$199.95 - $229.95
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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Jesse Aguon, 07/09/2017

This bat is awesome! Out of the wrapper pop that I didn't expect. Whether you're going yard or just want to hit the ball hard, tis bat will not disappoint.

Reviewed by YR, 06/02/2017

Im 34 years old ...... we play modified softball pitch with the clincher gold ball and we use seniors bats ...... im a miken fan cause i think are the best bats .....this orange one is really good i didn't fell the handle when i hit the ball ... very good to get the fences is amazing bat just love it and my team too ( CACO NEGRO ATL )

Reviewed by Abel Trevizo, 05/26/2017

Hot out of the wrapper not a homerun hitter but hitting fence and solid line drives. Teammates are starting to use it too good bat!!!!

Reviewed by Mark Thompson, 04/03/2017

I swung the 16 Big Cat last year I picked up the Platinum Big Cat for this year and have hit most of the senior bats that are out there and the Big Cat is the one I end up as being the best bat for my swing. It does swing heavy if you swing a max load you will want to drop a oz. the 26oz feels like a 27-28 the 27oz feels like a 28- 29. it's stiff out of the wrapper and will take 300 to 400 swings to open up but when it does the sweet spot is huge and way it drives the ball with its end load is amazing.

Reviewed by GARY SMITH, 03/10/2017

Excellent performance.You will love this bat if you like end load.Liked it so much I ordered another.

Reviewed by d j, 03/09/2017

Amazing,i have owned miken ultra 2 softball bats in the past, recently I purchased the 2017 Miken Freak Platinum end loaded bat, this new miken bat is so different with a huge forgiving sweet spot and the endload allows crazy ball speed as it is launched from the bat, and with the purchase of the advanced bat breakin process that I purchased the bat was immediately crazy hot with the first swing.You wont be disappointed with this bats performance, by the way I am a 70 year ole senior league player hitting with greater distance and line drives in the gaps that astonishes me