Advanced Softball Bat Break In Treatment


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by David Burke, 03/23/2017

Great service! I bought two new bats a 2017 Miken Psycho from another site and then a combat Rocket launcher with the Advanced bat service. What a difference! First swing with the combat was a Homerun. I'm now sending my Psycho in for the treatment.

Reviewed by Rich A., 03/16/2017

Nice service as I don't have a lot of time to spend breaking in my bats. Seems to work great.

Reviewed by robert blainey, 03/16/2017

Starting with the first game, the ball was carrying as far as my other tournament bats that I have used for a couple of years.

Reviewed by Paul Listoe, 03/16/2017

I was really pleased that I had the break in service done on the Combat rocket launcher I purchased.It was "hot" right from my first hit. Well worth the cost

Reviewed by Steve, 03/14/2017

Amazing service! Hesitated on it because I'm used to just hitting rounds after rounds of BP. won't get a bat again without this break in service!

Reviewed by Mark, 03/13/2017

Paid for the break in service on a Combat G5 2-piece, was completely worth the money. Bat come out of the wrapper hot and ready to go, would gladly pay for again!

Reviewed by Reggie, 03/07/2017

I advise EVERYONE to get the advanced bat break in service--I had this done to a few of my bats and it is well worth the money--your bats come actually HOTT out of the wrapper without damaging the structure--And no need for waiting to have several BP's to break it in--Im going to get get this service on EVERY bat from now on--Kelly's has always been my 1st choice in bat purchase and this service separates them from the rest of the bat companies

Reviewed by dave j, 02/27/2017

seriously I wasn't a believer in the advance break in process but when I ordered my miken freak balanced senior bat I took it out of the wrapper and started hitting it wow increditable difference in the sweet spot immediately line shots off the bat and I am a 70 year ole senior and I was hitting unbelievable distances that I wasn't used too with other bats I am convinced the advance break in on these bats make a huge difference

Reviewed by Joe from Az, 12/07/2016

Sent in a used easton L40 bat that just would not break in and when i got it back, WOW killed the ball. This break in is 4 reals and everyone should seriously consider it.