2017 Combat Rocket Launcher 275 All Associations Softball Bat

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Gene, 04/22/2017

Temperatures finally warmed up here in the NE so I could use the 34", 27.5 oz. Combat rocket launcher I purchased from you. It has a large sweet spot, that allows me to consistently hit very hard and long shots. This is one great bat to have in your arsenal!

Reviewed by Bernnie Leland, 04/20/2017

I bought a combat rocket launcher asa 275 bat. 34" 27.5 oz. i also bought the break in service. I am 69 years old. This is the best asa bat I have ever used bar none. I can consistently hit the ball over the fence. Highly recommend this product.

Reviewed by Outfielder, 04/14/2017

Best bat of seven I have owned despite limited use so far. Hitting more line drives.

Reviewed by Jason garrison, 04/13/2017

I've been swinging combat since the o.g. antivirus,this bat is ridiculous,hit very well right out of the wrapper, opened up even more around 300 hits,very very good bat, I bought an extra one for a backup and will be trying to find a couple more.

Reviewed by John Castro, 04/07/2017

I just ordered another ASA Combat Rocket Launcher to make sure I have an extra when the time comes. Best ASA bat I have ever hit, no doubt about it.

Reviewed by Ryardbird, 04/05/2017

Ordered the hot bat. Right out of the box it didn't have that hollow tinny sound. Massive sweet spot, well worth the cost.

Reviewed by riley, 04/04/2017

bat is hot, so glad we got 2 of them, huge sweet spot, guys that are base hitters were putting it out of the park. Have already recommended to a few friends. Thanks kellys sports you guys are allways the best.

Reviewed by John Castro, 04/01/2017

I bought the ASA Combat Rocket Launcher 25.5 oz model and included the advanced break in service. The results were immediate and dramatic. I ht the ball 25' further than with my other so-called "hot" bat. My buddy was skeptical of the weight but when he hit it he launched a bomb about 340' and was sold on it. He ordered one the next day. Enough said.

Reviewed by David Burke, 03/23/2017

Bat is Amazing! I went 5-5 with this bat. First swing out of the wrapper was a Homerun followed but multiple hard shots to opposite field. Extremely pleased I took this leap on something new.

Reviewed by JASON C, 03/16/2017

I was not sold on how hot it was, but I am very impressed. very good bat and very good service.

Reviewed by Paul Listoe, 03/15/2017

I bought this bat a couple of wks. ago.I hit further with this bat the first time out than I had with the Miken triad after having it for 4 yrs. I like the feel of this bat as well. Would recommend this bat.

Reviewed by R Yardbird, 03/12/2017

I'm not a home run hitter but the first day with this bat I hit 3 one hop hits to the fence. The last at bat I hit it off my hand & it still had enough heat to get between the short & third. The customer service is without peer.

Reviewed by Bret, 03/09/2017

This bat is legit! I previously was using a 26oz fully loaded Combat Anti-Virus VIRSP2. I tried using the 26.5oz, but was heavier than expected, so I went down to 25.5oz. The Rocket Launcher feels very end loaded and lives up to its name. Absolutely launches the ball!
If you've liked Combats in the past you will very pleased to have this one in your arsenal.

Reviewed by Luis, 11/02/2016

Bought the the bat 2 weeks ago 25oz honestly i love miken bats but this bat is hott out of the wrapper money well spend and i only hit about 10 nsa balls its a awesome bat what i like the most i could use it on all my games dont need 2 bats

Reviewed by Antonio, 08/15/2016

Just ordered my 27.5 ASA bat. I wanted something with more pop then the balance Team Rogo 28oz I currently have. The bat is not a true 27.5 oz..its more like a 28.5 oz. Couldn't get it around quick enough..so hopefully they can return with the 30days money back guarantee but would love to try the 26.5..thinking that should be a true 27.5

Reviewed by J.James, 07/28/2016

I have been looking for a new bat to add to my arsenal and came across this Combat Rocket Launcher. I read it had a guaranteed to be the hottest all association bat or your money back. I have never swung a Combat bat before but saw someone swinging a Combat Dirty and was getting some great hits. I have always swung Miken bats. I first had an original Easton Synergy that crushed the ball, after it was stolen I searched many to replace it. I couldn't find an Easton bat I was happy with and decided to try Miken. I fell in love with the Miken Freak 98 (original). After this bat, this is all I have purchased. Miken Freak 98, DC-41 (original), Freak Black, and the Miken Ultra 750x. All great bats but I wanted something that my team would use, as they kept swinging cheap bats. I took the plunge on this Combat and so glad I did. Took it to do some BP and it felt great! Nice pop, 26.5 with an endload, so it felt like I was swinging my 27oz balanced bat. Finally, game day arrived, and I stepped up to bat and placed one deep over center field. Now I am normally a homerun hitter, but I must say, some of the home runs with this bat are not just high bombs but scorching lasers. You will hit one that looks like a line drive yet will carry deep! Instantly my team wants to use it and even on handle hits the ball carries but hit that sweet spot and there's nothing like the sound it makes as you stand and watch it carry out of the park! I play in leagues where let's face it; many guys used shaved bats, and you know it. Guys get up there holding the bat upside down, no stance and still crush the ball; it's obvious. I have never swung a shaved bat nor will I but my legal hits with this bat carry further than guys swinging shaved ones! I do not know the durability of this bat yet, and that is my concern. Many have warned me of Combats durability, but I'm hoping with this new model that has been addressed. As for now, this has become my favorite bat; I'm the only guy in the leagues I've seen swinging it, and I love it! Take the gamble; it's worth it!

Reviewed by A. Ng, 07/06/2016

This bat arrived today just in time for my game tonight . My first at bat was a homer! I'm not even a home run hitter!! Followed with a line drive single. This bat is hot right out of the wrapper can't wait to see see what it does once it has a few more swings on it! I just hope it doesn't get banned LOL

Reviewed by Jeff, 06/20/2016

I have to agree exactly with the review posted on 6/12/16 that the combat rocket launcher took a hundred cuts and the bat started to open up along with the 'crack of the bat' sound getting louder. I won this bat in a drawing and am very happy to have chosen it. In my opinion, Kelley Ultimate Sports is batting .1000 on their bat reviews going all the way back to the grey miken ultra to last years demarini flipper to this years combat rocket launcher 275. I am 48 years old now and am still playing softball and really appreciate what you do for your reviews 'MK' cuz they have been Incredibly Accurate. Every year check to see which bats you rank at the top for performance and you have never let me down. Thank-you, Jeff

Reviewed by J. Beierlein, 06/12/2016

Bought this bat, and absolutely love it! Was decent outta the wrapper, but could really tell it started to open up after about 200-250 swings, when you made contact the Combat crack noise got louder and now the bat is really launching balls. I used .52's and 44's and the bat performed great with both of them! In my opinion its the hottest bat since the 2008 Combat Anti Virus. Definitely worth the money, and I agree that this is one of if not THE hottest bat made today. Been a Combat guy for years, very happy with this one!

Reviewed by WidowMaker(23), 06/10/2016

This bat is hot straight out of the wrapper. I have always swung a balanced bat but took a chance on the end Loaded Rocket Launcher. Great bat. All I can say is buy one......

Reviewed by B. Weiser, 05/28/2016

Bought this as a Combat rep in Minnesota. I have to say it lives up to the hype. Exit speed is very hot. Sweet spot goes almost to the end cap.

Feels a touch heavier than listed weight. Very solid bat. I wish I had this in my stock to sell!

Reviewed by Geoff, 05/25/2016

34/29.5 oz: Just got this out of the wrapper last night, and 3rd cut hit one out to around 320'. This bat feels great. I love the smaller knob, and the feel of contact is smooth; even off of the cap. I had 3 out on 300' fences on the night by me and one other by another player on the team. Last night was supposed to be bp, but it turned into a scrimmage. So, if this is what this thing is capable out of the wrapper in a game like setting, I can't wait to see what it does broken in.

I have been out of the game for the last few years, and I was disappointed to find out my old bats were no good anymore. Begrudgingly, I decided to buy a new one to have a legal bat of my own again, but so far, this has been the best money I have spent on a bat to date. This by far blows my old 34/30 oz. Miken Freak Maxload out of the water. Well worth the money.

Reviewed by David Gruber, 05/17/2016

This bat is insane. I hit better with it than with my OG Aftermath and it has a giant sweet spot. most of my team now uses it.

Reviewed by C. Jenkins, 05/13/2016

"Whiskey Tango Foxtrot"!!! This bat is insanely awesome! I use it for ASA and U-trip leagues and it has yet to disappoint. The sound the ball makes when it hits the sweet spot is awesome. So impressive that a couple of guys are going to be buying one. If you like the end loaded bats, then this is the only one you need to get. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

Reviewed by Mark McDaniel #44, 05/04/2016

I got this bat, took about 25 swings with it in batting practice on an open field & felt really good for a new bat. Took it out to League at Big League Dreams in Manteca & couldn't believe how hot it is & it only had 25 swings on it!

Half of the team is using it & we love it. The bat continues to get hotter & hotter the more we hit it. The bat has a great feel & a great sound. The bat is hot throughout the whole barrel. Even the mis-hits are flying.

Looking for a great bat? This is it! Buy the new Rocket Launcher, you won't be sorry.

Reviewed by DJ, 04/23/2016

This bat truly lives up to its name, a complete Rocket Launcer!

So took this bat to a league open BP, straight out of the wrapper to break it in. We were using a mix of 52/300 and old 44/375 balls....Breaking in period ....that must have been a joke from the guys at Kellys Ulitate Sports.... This things is stupid hot from the very first hit. It commands attention from the shotgun blast when you may contact!

Everyone was extremely impressed from guys of all sizes. It sounds awesome and kills the balls right away. It's very easy to swing, and forgiving.

Ridinkulous performance!

Reviewed by C. Schiller, 03/28/2016

Buddy of mine picked this bat up and it is hands down, the hottest bat I have ever hit. Right out of the package it was slaying balls. I just hope ASA doesn't ban it next year! Worth every penny. Great control, great cracking sound, solid bat. You won't be sending it back after 30 days, I can guarantee that.

Reviewed by A. DIXON, 03/19/2016

Bought this bat today. Hit 100 live ASA balls prior to the game. Has a huuuuuge sweet spot.... hits better than any 2 piece Demarini. Hotter than ANY Freak. It is definitely worth every penny.