2017 Combat Rocket Launcher 1.21 Balanced Senior Softball Bat

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Douglas Gilmore, 04/29/2016

Hi Mike:

Holy $#!& that's a good name for the bat. The 26ba weighed 26.3 on my scale, but it's more endloaded than any other bat I own. It swings like a 28. I don't even want to know how endloaded the el version is!

I hit it back to back with a Dudley 12" on a baseball field 325' all the way around, wind blowing in 10-15MPH, 58 deg., Wheeler Dealer machine pitching Evil 44/375 balls. At first, the Dudley (which had 20 hits on it already) outhit it, but at 12 hits the sound of the RL changed to a loud shotgun crack and it was neck and neck. When both bats had 30 hits, the RL was outhitting the Dudley by about 10'. I put another 20 hits on the RL, and put three over the fence. The fields we play games on are only 275' to 300' so I'm going to have to be careful not to go over our 3 HR limit!

I noticed that I hit more lazy fly balls with a lot of backspin that carry well with the Dudley, with the RL I hit vicious line drives that would be almost impossible to field. I think it will be a good bat for both high AVG and high SLG. At 50 hits now I think its game ready, but still improving rapidly. No signs of any webbing, cracks, paint flaking or other durability issues. Don't think you'll see this one back!


Reviewed by David Gray Blackburn Trucking, 03/21/2016

27 ounce I used it this passed weekend Myrtle Beach SC seriously never hit with a bat this good . Last game of tourney hit homeruns at will . first one went 400 ,second one went over 400 feet as I was told. Its just so hot unbelievable . I will be getting two.