Miken Ultra 2 Senior Softball Bat 1.21 bpf ssusa

Make sure to get the Heat Treatment Advanced bat break in for the best bat you ever had.
Make sure to get the Heat Treatment Advanced bat break in for the best bat you ever had.
$199.95 - $229.95
UPC: 658925006227
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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Lesley Farry, 04/03/2018

This is the second Miken 2 bat I have bought. After about 100 hits, it is extremely hot. Both my senior womens and my husbands senior mens use this bat and everyone loves them.

Reviewed by Rich F, 08/24/2017

In my mind Miken makes the best senior bat and is the best company on the market. I have used this bat for the past few years and it is ready to use out of the wrapper. I like this model so much, I purchased some for gifts and an extra in case anything happens to my current model. It is a great bat and it is reasonably priced. I highly recommend this Miken model.

Reviewed by Daryl Schloss, 08/20/2017

After breaking two bats in one week (both were at least 5 years old) I ordered two more, a 28oz and a 26oz, pre-broaken in. Both bats had the same pop as the ones I was using. The break-in service is well worth the extra 30 bucks.

Reviewed by Mannjo, 08/19/2017

In my mind Miken makes the best senior bat. Plus with the break in service,this bat is hot out of the wrapper. My only concern is no warranty,but all senior bats are that way. Buy this bat and get ready to hit some shots

Reviewed by Joe, 08/15/2017

This bat is great the advanced break-in is a must.

Reviewed by Jack Westbrook, 05/13/2017

Had the advance break in Done to the bat. I will definitely have this procedure done to every new bat from now on

Reviewed by dave j, 04/16/2017

I have tried almost all the senior bats offered even the 2 piece bats but I continue to come back to the original 1 piece miken ultra 2 how can you improve on the original miken bat that brought so much improvement to senior players with a huge sweetspot with added durability that is so dependable when you need that critical hit for a game winning season

Reviewed by Jim Clark, 03/21/2017

This the first ultra II I have owned. I am 77 years old and I need a bat with a bang. This bat gives it to me. Thanks for a great bat.

Reviewed by Judy, 03/20/2017

I'm on an over 50+ softball team. The guys told me this bat would give me the extra "pop" to the outfield. They weren't lying!

Reviewed by John Teetor, 03/11/2017

Great bat,used right out of the box with break in.

Reviewed by Ray, 03/09/2017

This is my 5th Miken II. I purchased the first one when it was introduced and have kept two in my bag at all times. There are other senior bats than have great pop, but I always come back to the Miken II for a sure hit. Hot all the time!!

Reviewed by Ron, 02/09/2017

Hit fine from the start.Can only get better

Reviewed by Ed Lowe, 02/09/2017

I'm on a 75+ team and use the Miken II 28 oz balanced bat. Lots of pop and good sweet spot, my favorite and the favorite of my better-hitting and more knowledgeable buddy (our clean up hitter, who also uses the 29 oz sometimes)



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