2017 Miken Freak Platinum Balanced ASA Softball Bats

2017 Miken Softball Bats Freak Platinum Balanced ASA
$299.95 - $329.95
UPC: 658925034466
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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Aaron, 07/29/2017

great bat. easy to swing good sound and great feel.

Reviewed by DJ, 07/26/2017

Hot right out of the wrapper. Best ASA bast on the market. Now I'm gonna have to get the U-trip bat

Reviewed by Bret H., 07/07/2017

This is the second bat I have purchased from KUS. The Miken Platinum Balanced has been perfect for guys AND girls on the team. This bat has generated constant lasers! Everyone loves this bat.

Reviewed by John Tapken, 06/20/2017

I have had this bat for two weeks now and I'm batting over .800 with it and the bat feels so good in my hands. Easy to swing and amazing pop, recommended for anyone!

Reviewed by Cassidy, 06/02/2017

I love Miken and I love the Freak, so I had to have this one. Had the advance break in done on it and love the bat. I've never been a homerun hitter, so I can't speak for that but talk about a bat that I have complete control over. Opposite field line drives all day long.

Reviewed by David, 05/17/2017

very happy so far. comes out hot and ready to roll

Reviewed by Kevin Barger, 05/01/2017

This bat is good, I had the break in service done. The ball flys off of this bat has a lot of pop with no effort.

Reviewed by Josh, 04/26/2017

This bat is our teams favorite right out of the box, had the advanced break in done by Kelly, worth the extra $39, this bat has a huge sweet spot, would buy again.

Reviewed by S.B., 04/11/2017

I purchased this bat recently from Kelly's and shipping was of course great. Took it out of the wrapper with no BP last night and first hit to left field was a HR. Didn't think I hit it that well. 3rd hit was also HR. We got a 27oz balanced. Great bat and only has 25 swings on it.

Reviewed by , 04/10/2017

awesome best bat i have ever hit