2017 Freak 30 Kevin Filby USSSA Miken Softball Bat.

$249.95 - $279.95
UPC: 658925035012
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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Morrie, 08/05/2017

This is a great bat right out of the wrapper.

Reviewed by Joe C, 07/21/2017

Bat feels great. Took about 60 swings as I switched from a balanced bat. The ball flys off this bat. 3 of us on the team are swinging it and everyone loves it.

Reviewed by Alex S, 6/10/17, 06/22/2017

Good pop out of the wrapper, fast break in. Everyone wants to use it now!

Reviewed by Sal, 05/08/2017

This bat is the one. I always been a Miken Freak fan the pop that comes off this bat is great. Miken bats never let me down.

Reviewed by Chris H, 04/06/2017

This bat has great pop out of the wrapper, everyone loves the color scheme of this bat and it is straight fire out of the wrapper.

Reviewed by Ric, 04/05/2017

Like everyone says it's hot off the bat, literally opened it up and used it in a tournament the same day, just hitting shots to the wall

Reviewed by Brian W, 04/04/2017

Wow! This bat is super hot took it straight to a game and was hitting bombs on a 300' field. The bat is still not 100% broken but it will be scary hot when it is!

Reviewed by Steve B, 03/26/2017

This bat has crazy pop!! Feels good. Ball flies off it!!

Reviewed by jason c, 03/16/2017

great bat swings very nice just like all the max loads