Heat Treated Advanced Slowpitch Softball Bat Break In

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Reviewed by Ray P. from Florida, 01/13/2018

Had Mike do the Advanced Heat Treatment and needed it by the weekend for a Tournament, got it in time and I was roping the ball like I never did before. Thanks Mike, I will always have you do my bats. Screw that bat rolling, it never worked.

Reviewed by Gary Roeglin, 10/24/2017

Had my Worth WKD added to my Kelly's Combat collection with the Break In Service. Bombs Away. Thanks for the Super Fast Return Shipping.

Reviewed by Dean Larson, 10/03/2017

I have had bats that I have used in the past that were difficult to break in. I purchased a Dudley Legend balanced bat with the Advanced Break-in and the first hit was as if I had the bat with a couple hundred hits on it. It immediately was like a shot out of a cannon because of the Advanced Break-in. I won't buy another bat without having the Advanced Break-in also.

Reviewed by Linda S, 09/11/2017

Love the break in service!! Will do every time!!!!

Reviewed by trodriguez, 08/24/2017

straight bomber dropper with this service.

Reviewed by Ray Z, 08/20/2017

Was a little skeptical about the treatment gave it a try and was absolutely worth it.

Reviewed by Trevor, 08/16/2017

Have had advance break in done on both of my mikens and live it would highly recommend it

Reviewed by Manuel C., 08/15/2017

Had the service performed my combat portent and lots of pop from the very first swing... great results for a small price so I will keep using the service as long as it's offered.

Reviewed by Josh, 08/14/2017

Had this done on a combat and it definitely sounds and feels like it's broken in right out of the box. Don't know how much pop a "stock" one has but after the treatment it flies off the barrel. I will definitely be adding to my next bat purchase.

Reviewed by Joe, 08/13/2017

Advanced Softball Bat Break In Treatment
2015 Combat Portent G3 ASA , WOW! Pop City

Reviewed by Howard Voorhees, 08/12/2017

I got the break in service on the ASA Combat Portent started to hit line shots right away. I'll get that service on any other bat that I get from Kellys

Reviewed by Brandin, 08/07/2017

Had this done on 2 bats and both came out hot!!! This was well worth the investment!

Reviewed by Aaron, 07/29/2017

great service. bat came out awesome. passed compressions and felt great.

Reviewed by Arlie A Carson III, 07/19/2017

Combat 2Dirty is smoking hot after break in service. This is my first senior softball bat that I've had any kind of advanced break in service. You will not be disappointed, this bat rocks after advance break in service. I know, because I bought the same bat a year ago without the advanced break in service and that bat is not as hot.

Reviewed by S.H., 07/19/2017

Got the break in on the new Freak Platinum. Hot right out of the wrapper.
Would recommend that to anyone

Reviewed by Jesse Aguon, 07/09/2017

I was a little iffy when I was paying for the advanced break in service but I was pleasantly surprised. Well worth the money and then some. I highly recommend paying the extra fee for this service.

Reviewed by Bret H., 07/07/2017

We all in the softball community spend lots of money trying to get the best bats and equipment out there. Why would you NOT spend a little bit more to have your bat perform to its fullest potential. I will always get the advanced break in service for any bat I ever purchase. Well worth it!

Reviewed by Mike F., 06/25/2017

Got the advanced break in and have about 20 hits on my bat and already feels broken in!!

Reviewed by Mike gregory from Corpus Christi, Tx., 06/23/2017

I sent my Melee bat in because it was not breaking in. I already had about 400 swings on it and thought it was a dud. The Melee I had before this bat was broken in after about 150 swings. I used the heat treatment break-in and after about 20 swings my bat was hot. I was considering selling it but it is now my main tournament bat.

Reviewed by Gary, 06/22/2017

A buddy and I both purchased the same bat. I had the advanced break in done on my bat, he did not. It was clear from the first time out that my bat was hotter with the service. You could even hear from the sound off the ball off the bat that my bat was somehow different. Now have about 100 hits on it and it is really warming up.

Reviewed by Dawn Lev, 06/14/2017

I gad this treatment preformed for the first time on any of my bats. WOW! No dead spots anywhere on the barrel. Sounds good too! Get this treatment, you won't be sorry.

Reviewed by Shane, 06/07/2017

Definitely worth it, the bats broke in much faster with this service added!

Reviewed by Nicole, 06/03/2017

Excellent service. The men on my team were really loving the feel and sound of this right out of the wrapper, and of course the hits. (ABI on the Miken DC-41 ASA) Don't second guess this! With the coupon code, you're practically getting this for free! Do it, you won't regret it. Mike Kelly, A+ customer service and quality. Will definitely recommend and buy again!

Reviewed by Gilbert L, 06/02/2017

Advance break in. Just got to say this service is by far the best out there. I got advance break in on combat rocket launcher and combat centurion Jeff Wallace edition. Anyhow, off the wrapper. Hitting bombs! Would recommend to anyone looking to almost naturally break it in your bat. You'll see the difference. Thanks Kelly's ultimate sports!

Reviewed by Cassidy, 06/02/2017

Game ready bat shipped right to your door. I wish I would have done this sooner!

Reviewed by Bryan, 05/29/2017

Really opens the bat. I've heard of guys boiling bats, hitting them with bowling balls, you name it. Save yourself some time and get it done right.

Reviewed by JB, 05/28/2017

This advanced break in is an excellent service. I have never tried it before but I am glad I did this time. I will definitely use this service again on future bat purchases. Makes the bat hot right out of the wrapper with a larger sweet spot.

Reviewed by John, 05/25/2017

Great service bat was hot from the first swing!

Reviewed by the_wormzer, 05/24/2017

I definitely think it helped. I don't think the bat is fully broke in yet, but this process did help.

Reviewed by Jim, 05/22/2017

Purchased the bat break in service for two bats I will use in a winter league. Can not review based on performance just yet but very satisfied with the customer service and helpfulness of Kelly's Bats personnel.

Reviewed by Jeremy H, 05/04/2017

Definitely worth the little bit of money to save wear and tear on new bat. Brand and hitting lasers and is scary hot. Will be doing this with all my bats from now on.

Reviewed by Eric, 05/04/2017

Ordered the combat plague with advanced break in service. The bat is fire. Love it. Going to send a couple stubborn bats in to have it done.

Reviewed by Josh, 04/26/2017

First time adding the break-in service, I will have all bats broken-in going forward.

Reviewed by Ken, 04/20/2017

Well worth the $30. I have purchased bats with and without the break in service and will always spend the extra money on the break in from now on. The bats feel better and have good pop out of the wrapper and I don't have to use it for a year before it gets broken in.

Reviewed by Ralph from Las Vegas, 04/20/2017

This service is fantastic. First night I used the bat hit the s--- out of the ball. 2 into a fence and 2 over a 300 fence. Performance is just outstanding.

Reviewed by Bernnie Leland, 04/20/2017

I highly recommend this service. I purchased this service for my combat rocket launcher asa 275 bat. It makes a noticeable difference both in ball flight and the way the bat feels when you strike the ball.

Reviewed by Todd mclain, 04/14/2017

Used the service for the first time. Balls come of like a rocket. Only down side is everyone on the team wants to use it.

Reviewed by Gary Roeglin, 04/12/2017

Well worth the $30. Teammates comment on how the ball jumps off the bat. I have 3 Launchers, 1 Fully Loaded and 2 Balanced. Same Bombs off all 3. Thanks Kelly.

Reviewed by Larry Horton, 04/12/2017

I didn't believe the Advanced bat break in would make a difference, but for $30 I was willing to try it. I will not buy another bat unless it goes through the Advanced Break In process. I highly recommend having it done!

Reviewed by Ryan, 04/08/2017

Got my new miken bat recently with the bream in service and WOW! Went out with my buddy and his brand new platinum freak and my dc41. Both bats are great but the dc41 was so much hotter! He regrets not paying for it! Definitely worth it!

Reviewed by John Costine, 04/08/2017

Added the advance break in to my new Dudley legend slow pitch bat. It provides an even break in across the surface of the bat and made sure it was "HOT" from the first hit.

Reviewed by John Castro, 04/07/2017

Whatever it is that Kelly's does to bats with their break-in service pays off IMMEDIATELY! I have now purchased 3 different bats ad included the break-in. I have been ecstatic with the results, and you will be too.

Reviewed by James C., 04/05/2017

I am a senior player where bats do not include a warranty. I highly recommend this service to add life to senior bats. This will truly make a difference in your bat performance.

Reviewed by Brian W, 04/04/2017

Received the bat with the bat break in service 2nd hit on it during a game was a line shot out of the park with me choking up on the bat going for a base hit. No BP prior to game bat was extremely hot!

Reviewed by Dave Meeks, 04/02/2017

I'm a weekend warrior. With my job, I just don't have the time for batting practice, so the break in service solves a big problem for me. Well worth $30. I also bought two Hyper Z's from another company and shipped them to Kelly's for the break in service. Really happy with the results of this service.

Reviewed by John Castro, 04/01/2017

The advanced break in service is just as described by Kelly's . I bought an ASA Combat Rocket Launcher and immediately started hitting the ball 25 feet further than with my other "hot" ASA bat. I highly recommend this break in service.

Reviewed by David Burke, 03/23/2017

Great service! I bought two new bats a 2017 Miken Psycho from another site and then a combat Rocket launcher with the Advanced bat service. What a difference! First swing with the combat was a Homerun. I'm now sending my Psycho in for the treatment.

Reviewed by Noe A., 03/21/2017

Ordered the Combat G5 2 piece with the Advanced Bat Break In treatment last week. Received bat within a few days and the treatment is as advertised! Bat has tremendous pop right out of the wrapper. Definitely worth the $. Will pay for this service on every bat purchased going forward.

Reviewed by Rich A., 03/16/2017

Nice service as I don't have a lot of time to spend breaking in my bats. Seems to work great.

Reviewed by robert blainey, 03/16/2017

Starting with the first game, the ball was carrying as far as my other tournament bats that I have used for a couple of years.

Reviewed by Paul Listoe, 03/16/2017

I was really pleased that I had the break in service done on the Combat rocket launcher I purchased.It was "hot" right from my first hit. Well worth the cost

Reviewed by Steve, 03/14/2017

Amazing service! Hesitated on it because I'm used to just hitting rounds after rounds of BP. won't get a bat again without this break in service!

Reviewed by Mark, 03/13/2017

Paid for the break in service on a Combat G5 2-piece, was completely worth the money. Bat come out of the wrapper hot and ready to go, would gladly pay for again!

Reviewed by Reggie, 03/07/2017

I advise EVERYONE to get the advanced bat break in service--I had this done to a few of my bats and it is well worth the money--your bats come actually HOTT out of the wrapper without damaging the structure--And no need for waiting to have several BP's to break it in--Im going to get get this service on EVERY bat from now on--Kelly's has always been my 1st choice in bat purchase and this service separates them from the rest of the bat companies

Reviewed by dave j, 02/27/2017

seriously I wasn't a believer in the advance break in process but when I ordered my miken freak balanced senior bat I took it out of the wrapper and started hitting it wow increditable difference in the sweet spot immediately line shots off the bat and I am a 70 year ole senior and I was hitting unbelievable distances that I wasn't used too with other bats I am convinced the advance break in on these bats make a huge difference

Reviewed by Joe from Az, 12/07/2016

Sent in a used easton L40 bat that just would not break in and when i got it back, WOW killed the ball. This break in is 4 reals and everyone should seriously consider it.



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