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2018 Easton Baseball Bats Review

2018 Easton Baseball Bats Review

Our picks for Easton’s best baseball bats for 2018 include the Ghost X, the Ghost X Hyperlite,
the Beast X Hybrid, and the Beast X, and the Beast X Hyperlite.

Ghost X: Starting at the top of the lineup, the Ghost X line is offered in a variety of sizes for
USA, USSSA and BBCOR play. All of the bats in the ghost X line up are using Easton’s new
EXACT TM carbon technology. This new composite is powerful and lightweight. With the
exception of Tee-ball bat, a series is a two-piece act with a separate barrel and handle. In
between the two, the bats also all feature the vibration reducing CONNEXION+ TM technology.
These bats are offered in either a balanced speed design or loaded design. The balance bats of
some the best feeling and most powerful bats for their weights and the loaded designs have a
bit extra in the tips, allowing power hitters to shine.

Easton tends to make long barrel bats in the Ghost X is no exception. The extended sweet spot,
events composite, and balanced or loaded designs allowable contact and power hitters to
maximize their strengths.

The Ghost X line was in a vast array of sizes to meet all of the major bat standards. There are
options in this model for Tee ball, youth leagues, high school, and collegiate play.
Ghost X Hyperlite : Offered for both USA and USSSA play but not BBCOR, the Ghost X
Hyperlite comes in either a -12 or a -11 drop. This is a one-piece bat, and is made from the
same carbon composite as the Ghost X. The large drop gives a light bat and the one-piece
design offers better feel and control. Again the long barrel offers Easton’s usual bigger hitting
area. The Ghost X Hyperlite is our choice for younger and smaller players. The -11 drop model
meets USA that standards and is approved for use baseball in the AABC, Babe Ruth and Cal
Ripken, Dixie, Little League, and pony organizations.

Beast X Hybrid: The beast X hybrid is offered for USA and BBCOR play but not USSSA. This is
another two-piece bat. Two-piece bat construction separates the barrel from the handle. The
separate pieces allow for more Flex in your bat which causes increase speed through the zone.
Two piece bats give hitters extra speed and power.

The beast X hybrid combines an aluminum barrel with Easton’s usual extended barrel design.
The handle is carbon fiber with the vibration reducing technologies familiar in Easton’s other

The aluminum barrel provides excellent pop and power and the two-piece construction includes
the vibration dampening composite handle and Easton’s CONNEXION+ TM technology for a
smooth feel similar to a fully composite bat. The USA bat approved for use in the AABC, Babe
Ruth and Cal Ripken, Dixie, Little League, and pony organizations.

Beast X: This model is offered in variations that meet all of the major standards including an
offering for Tee-ball. The Beast X is a one-piece aluminum bat. One piece bats are stiff and
strong and when you make contact all of the energy from your swing is transferred to the ball.
This bat is offered in a wide variety of lengths and weights to meet the various standards. It
includes some of the heaviest bats in our lineup with several -5 and -3 bats, including a loaded
version for BBCOR play.

The Beast X is made from Easton’s powerful ATAC aluminum alloy. It has an extended barrel,
and balance choices for speed or loaded for power. Like the other bats in our lineup, the Beast
X comes with a pre-wrapped handle. This is a great choice for batters looking for a one-piece
aluminum powerful bat.

Beast X Hyperlite: Just like the Ghost X, the Beast X comes in a Hyperlite model. The Hyperlite
comes in -12 or -13 drop and is another great choice for younger and smaller players. These
lighter bats allow for better bat control and better swing speed, which lead to more power on
contact. Made of the same ATAC aluminum alloy and with the same one-piece construction,
and the Beast X, this is a fine choice for the youth leagues. The USA version of the bat is
approved for play in the AABC, Babe Ruth and Cal Ripken, Dixie, Little League, and pony

This best of the 2018 Easton baseball bats lineup offers great selections for any age of play.
Easton has made these bats available in all the different specifications needed for most league
and school standards. Always a leader in the industry, Easton has been making great baseball
bats for almost 50 years, and 2018 is no exception.

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