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2018 Easton Hardball Bats Reviews

Best 2018 Easton Baseball Bats Reviews

Easton has been making baseball bats for 49 years. They have been an innovator throughout
their history. The company has long been a favorite for youth and school-age ballplayers.
Looking at Easton’s new baseball bats for 2018 shows that innovation is still happening at the
company and they continue to improve the materials and technology of their bats. Easton’s
most advanced bats are the Ghost X and the Beast X Hybrid, and the Beast X. They also have
some of the best bats for players on a budget with their S650, S550 and S450 one-piece
aluminum bats.

These bats come in composite, aluminum or a blend of the two. Starting at the high end,
composite bats tend to be lighter, stronger, and have more advanced technology. They provide
shock absorption between the barrel and the handle, providing considerably less sting and
vibration in a batter’s hands when they hit.

Aluminum bats provide excellent durability, the best energy transfer from bat to ball (for power
hitting), great pop and excellent performance. One-piece aluminum bats tend to sting and
vibrate a bit more than composite. The materials and manufacturing are less expensive, so you
can expect one-piece aluminum bats to cost a bit less than composite.

In the ‘best of both worlds’ category, Easton is offering the Beast X Hybrid this year with an
aluminum barrel and a composite handle, complete with its shock absorbing technology.

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