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2018 Easton Slowpitch Bats Reviews

2018 Easton Slowpitch Softball Bats Reviews

There is nothing like a fun game of slowpitch softball during the warm summer months. However, did
you know that slowpitch softball players use bats specifically designed for the way the pitchers throw
the ball?

Unlike traditional softball or baseball games where balls are usually thrown fast, slowpitch softballs are
usually thrown much slower in an arch. To accommodate slowpitch softballs, many bat brands have
managed to make a name for themselves by excelling at manufacturing and selling reliable,
good-quality slowpitch softball bats.

One such brand is Easton, a company known for providing slowpitch softball players around the
country with quality bats. What makes a slowpitch softball bat different from other types of bats,

For starters, most Easton slowpitch softball bats are 34 inches long and made from composite or wood
materials. In addition, slowpitch softball bats can weigh anywhere between 26 and 30 ounces, and the
diameters aren’t likely to exceed 2.75 inches.

2018 Easton Slowpitch Softball Bats

That’s all well and good, but what are some of the more popular Easton slowpitch softball bats that
players should look for in 2018? What makes them so special?

Before delving into all the most popular Easton slowpitch softball bats for the year, it’s important to
note that players have to be mindful of what type of league they’re playing in before choosing a bat.
Certain rules regarding bats vary from league to league. Then there is personal preference, such as
whether you prefer a wooden bat or aluminum bat.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular Easton slowpitch bats depending on the league,
along with some of Easton’s most popular and quality-made aluminum and wooden slowpitch baseball

ASA Slowpitch Softball Bats

ASA slowpitch softball bats are specifically designed for use in the Amateur Softball Association of
America (ASA). ASA-approved slowpitch softball bats are usually designed so that all players,
regardless of gender, have an equal playing field. The way the bats are constructed offers more safety
for players on the field because they’re specifically designed with a limit on their maximum

Some of Easton’s best ASA-approved slowpitch softball bats include the following:

  • Ghost Double Barrel: A solid piece, the Ghost Double Barrel bat is designed with a double
    barrel with a full-length inner barrel. In addition, the outer barrel of the bat has a low
    compression of 750 PSI, which pairs well with the inner barrel in order to improve a batter’s
    batting performance. It also boasts Easton’s ConneXion+ technology.
  • RONIN FLEX™ 2-piece: Featuring Flex™ Barrel Technology, this bat is designed with TCT™
    Thermo Composite Technology for improved performance. In addition, it has two-piece
    Connexion ZERO™ technology patented by Easton that improves the overall feel of the bat in
    the batter’s hands. As an added bonus, this bat is approved for use in not only ASA leagues
    but also NSA, USSSA, ISA, and ISF.
  • RONIN FLEX™ 1-piece: As another Easton bat that feature’s the brand’s patented TCT™
    Thermo Composite Technology and Flex™ Barrel design, the RONIN FLEX 1-piece slowpitch
    softball bat is designed with the batter in mind. Not only does the bat’s softer compression
    allow for a more comfortable feel when held, but its loaded design helps send the ball flying
    when hit. Additionally, the bat is approved for use in the ASA, as well as the ISA, USSSA, and
    other popular slowpitch softball leagues.

USSSA/NSA Slowpitch Softball Bats

Just like ASA slowpitch softball bats, USSSA and NSA bats are specifically designed for use in the
United States Specialty Sports Association and National Softball Association leagues. A couple of
Easton’s best 2018 slowpitch softball bats include the following:

  • Fire Flex Loaded: If you’re looking for a bat designed for performance, Easton’s Fire Flex
    Loaded slowpitch softball bat kicks the brand’s patented Flex™ Barrel Technology up a notch.
    With its end-loaded design, the bat is durable and can withstand the demands of more than
    one season. In addition, thanks to its carbon composite barrel and two-piece design with
    ConneXion+ technology, batters will enjoy solid hits every time their bat connects with the ball.
    It is approved for use in both NSA and USSSA leagues and offers a 1-year warranty upon
  • Resmondo: A favorite among slowpitch softball batters, Easton’s Resmondo bat is approved
    for NSA and USSSA leagues. It features the latest generation of Flex™ Barrel Technology to
    improve durability. The bat’s end-loaded design also boasts a carbon composite barrel, along
    with two-piece ConneXion+ technology for a smoother feel upon contact.

Aluminum and Wooden Easton 2018 Slowpitch Softball Bats

So, we’ve covered some of Easton’s more popular slowpitch bats in 2018 based on leagues, but what
about the material a bat is made from? What are the best aluminum bats and the best wooden ones?
For starters, a few of the best aluminum bats include:

  • Ronin Atac Alloy 1-piece: Aluminum bats are popular for their durability, and the Ronin Atac
    Alloy bat from Easton is no exception. As a one-piece bat with a 12-inch barrel, the Ronin Atac
    Alloy is designed with thinly walled alloy, which happens to be extremely strong, yet
    lightweight. That means this bat can withstand the test of time and allows for improved
    performance. The bat is approved for use in the ASA, USSSA, NSA, and other slowpitch
    softball leagues.
  • Rebel 1-Piece: Constructed from military-grade aluminum alloy, Easton’s Rebel 1-piece is
    designed for fast swings and powerful connections between the bat and ball. It is approved for
    the ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISF, and ISA leagues.

The best wooden bats include:

  • Pro 110 Maple Comp: Easton’s maple softball bat is crafted from extremely durable maple
    and a resin-covered handle made from composite materials for improved swing speed and

These are only a few of Easton’s 2018 slowpitch bats on the market, and they are sure to be a big hit
among slowpitch softball players throughout the 2018 season. No matter what style of bat you’re
looking for or what league you’re playing in, Easton offers something for everyone.

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