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Senior Softball Bat Reviews

Senior Softball Bat Reviews


If you are looking for a good senior softball bat, you may be quickly lost in the fray of the available options. Some years back the choice wasn’t as wide as it is now. So when it comes to the purchase of a decent bat, the task turns out to be a real challenge. Because it’s important to keep in mind a lot of things: your playing style, individual preferences, your league rules and limitations etc.
Basically, softball rules for senior players include a great many of restrictions and limitations. There are two types of softball leagues: the first type with strict rules that you have to follow, and the second type with elastic rules allowing to use whichever bat you like.
However, all the rules are made with an intention to protect the older players from injuries. Let’s take a glance at Bat Performance Factor, i.e. BPF to see the difference between bats for various age groups. The maximum limit for softball senior bats is 1.21 BPF, while USSSA allows merely 1.20. Simply put, senior softball bats perform better because the standards are higher. It includes power, distance, exit speed etc.
Though the older players don’t tend to crash the ball so hard, there are still high exit speeds with a slower reflex time that cause various concerns over safety. Senior softball leagues are typically cool-headed. But for those who are eager to find a higher level of competition there are leagues with players who have an edge over their age mates in terms of physical conditioning.
So you have to carefully consider all the available information to make the right choice and find the equipment that will work for you. Below you’ll find the reviews of 3 softball senior bats that will help you make a well-considered decision.

2018 Adidas Melee 2 Reloaded End Loaded Senior Softball Bat Reviews

You must have noted the spectacular success of the previous Melee model. Be sure that the newly-designed Melee 2 from Adidas will be off the charts as well. This bat has taken all the best features from its forerunner and lashed them together with the top-notch technologies for getting high-yield composites.
As a result, the new bat for seniors delivers brisk, seamless performance needed to increase distance with 44 cor 375 compression balls. It takes minimum time to get comfortable with the Melee 2, so you can just take it out of the wrapper and start enjoying its easy swings and great performance. There’s no need to risk your following plays with the last year’s bat. This bat will easily turn you from a common hitter into a superior one.
● 2 models available – balanced and loaded
● 100% composite form for the enhanced durability
● 13 Inch Long Barrel
● Outstanding performance
● USSSA, SPA certification and other 1.21BPF leagues
● A wide variety of sizes
● No warranty from manufacturer

Miken Ultra II SSUSA Bat Senior Softball Bat Reviews

This bat produced in the USA by Miken will definitely give senior players an advantage over
their competitors. By the way, its usage is allowed only for senior softball leagues.
The Ultra II goes with a 13.5’’ barrel and a huge sweet spot. Its thin handle is the most
popular among the vast majority of players.
The bat claims to utilize the top-notch technologies in its construction which include Carbon-
X Shell for the enhanced durability, E-Flex Tech for an extra-large sweet spot and good
performance, Ultra Bond Grip that provides a player with top grip.
Nevertheless this bat does not have a warranty, it has SSUSA, LVSSA, and SPA
certification stamps.
● The latest technologies provide better performance and astonishing pop
● Composite long-lasting construction
● Distance improvement
● Light-weighted and balanced bat for a comfortable swing
● Perfect size and material of the handle
● Minimalistic simple graphics make it admirable
● No warranty

Dudley Lightning Legend Series Senior Softball Bat Reviews

If you want to get one of the best possible senior softball bats, turn attention to Lightning Legend Series by Dudley. They produce good-looking high performing bats with the use of extraordinary technologies. This is why so many players use these bats.
One of the signature features of the Slowpitch Softball Bat is GripSpin Tech that makes the ball fly higher and keeps it in the air longer and thus resulting in some jaw-dropping distances.
It’s 100% certified bat with a composite barrel and handle that gives you maximum performance, and strength with minimal vibrations. Moreover, Dudley Slowpitch Softball Bat has a Bold End Cap that allows rotating it to boost the lifespan. SSUSA has approved this bat along with the other senior softball associations.
● High performing durable bat
● Better grip technology
● Large barrel provides a big sweet spot to ensure that every swing is efficient
● Increased backspin and long distances due to the GripSpin Tech
● Power hitters like the bat for an excellent end-load
● Minimal vibrations thanks to the special handle and material
● There are 3 models to satisfy every kind of hitter
● No warranty from the manufacturer
Dudley is a reliable manufacturer that used to make decent softballs, but now they are offering an incredible bat as well.


Selecting an appropriate senior softball bat doesn’t have to be difficult. Just decide whether you’re a power hitter or contact hitter and start selecting. Plus, equip yourself with enough information about the top brands in the market so to be confident of getting a first-grade quality softball bat. The three overviews above are an excellent starting point for your search.

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