2017 DeMarini CF Zen BBCOR Balanced Baseball Bat

Do yourself a favor and get this bat with the Advanced bat break in treatment and you will turn it into a Bomb Hitting Machine.


Composite Baseball Bats are very hard when brand new and have a lot of stinging, a small sweet spot and lack of performance until they get broken in.

Composite Baseball Bats get hot the more they are hit has the glues and resins soften up some, but it varies from bat to bat on how long it will take to really get broken in.

Could be 100 hits on this bat and it could be 500 hits on another.

One of the most important factors is hitting all the way around the barrel evenly which is very hard to consistently do and if not done properly will lead to areas which are hot and other areas on the barrel that are not.

Another problem with breaking in your bat by hitting it in bp after bp session is that each Composite Bat only has so many hits in it before it cracks.

The Advanced Break in does not take away from the life of the barrel and cuts right to the chase of going right out to your games with confidence that your good to go.

We have a new space age technology way of breaking in your Composite Baseball Bat unlike anyone else.

Due to Proprietary information concerns, we are only going to say that heat and a stretching of the carbon fiber's all the way up and down and around the barrel is a part of this treatment.

Unlike the rolling of a baseball bat which is literally just crushing the fibers and doing long term damage to the bat, our process will not damage the bat nor will it void the manufactures warranty nor would it make the bat illegal in any leagues or tournaments.

We will put a Confirmation Label on the shrink wrap paper showing that one of our certified bat experts did the break in has ordered. 

The Bat will be totally broken in, Sting Free and with a huge Sweet spot and will be Game Ready with Super High Performance  for you to drop some Big Bombs.