2018 Miken Freak Senior Softball Bats Balanced Mike Dill



Expanding on the highly successful Ultra II Black series from 2016, Miken's engineering comes through again for the 2018 season with the all-new Miken Freak Platinum. Designed with the seasoned senior player in mind, the Freak Platinum builds on Miken's decade-plus experiece in crafting the best senior bats money can buy.

Featuring the highest quality composite, the 2-piece design and balanced weight developed by USSSA conference warrior Mike Dill will feel familiar but surprise you at the same time. The upgraded Trip Matrix Core+ technology means a massive sweet spot and huge performance.

Also featuring Miken’s new high-comfort tapered knob, a super soft grip and the Miken “M” molded end cap, the fit, finish and durability of the Freak Platinum series make it an incredible value.

Designed, tested and manufactured by American workers in Caledonia, Minnesota, owning the new Ultra II will give you a chance to take pride in your talent AND your equipment.

Bat Highlights:

Item  Feature  Summary
Feature Description
Vendor: Miken
Weight Profile: Balanced
Model Year: 2018
Play Type: Slow Pitch
Bat Material: Composite
Barrel Length: 14"
Approved For: SSUSA
Approved For: ISA


Heat Treated Advanced Softball Bat Break in Procedure:

Allow for up to to a 3 to 5 Business day delay due to the Incredible Demand we are getting for this service before we can ship it back to you.  

Composite Softball Bats are Stiff when brand new and have some stinging, small sweet spot and lack of performance until they get broken in.

Composite Softball Bats get hot the more they are hit, as the glues and resins soften up some, but it varies from bat to bat on how long it will take to really get broken in.

The major problem with breaking it in by hitting it is these 2 issues.

1. You are taking away from the life of the bat and setting it up to crack sooner than it should and the longer it last the HOTTER it will get.

2. A Softball only impacts 1/8 inch which is a  dimple size of the barrel with every hit. Don't care if you rotate it or not, you are always going to have hard spots on the barrel.

You actually know this all ready, here is what happens. You hit and crush the ball on one swing, the  ball carries a lot of distance, then on another swing you thought you crushed it just like the one that did carry, but this time the ball does not carry as well. That is because that part of the sweet spot is still hard compared to the part of the sweet spot where the ball carried the distance.

Leaves you scratching your head and wondering, was it me or the bat.  That is also what the Heat Treated Advanced Break in Service will take care of = Consistency. When hit right, they will all carry long distance no matter where you hit it on the sweet spot.

The Heat Treated Advanced Break in does not take away from the life of the barrel and cuts right to the chase of going right out to your games with confidence that your good to go.

Upper level type hitter's reek of Confidence because their Bats are always the best that they can be, No doubt about that.

Time for you to enjoy that advantage too. For $30 you can transform you hitting to the next level.

Don't cheat yourself out of getting much better results for all the time and effort and money you all ready investing.

We have a new space age technology way of getting your Composite Softball Bat ready to preform at its best unlike anyone else.

Heat Treated Advanced Softball Bat Break in Procedure

Due to Proprietary information concerns, we are only going to say that we use Heat and Concentrate on the Barrel all the way up and down and around the Sweet Spot on the barrel in this Heat Treated Procedure.

We will repeat the process a 2nd time to insure the best results.

We check each bat with a verified Compression Machine to make sure it stays above the legal limit Pounds PSI that all the softball associations use has a peramater in there field test.

The Bat will be totally broken in, Sting Free and with a Much Bigger Then Normal Enhanced and Expanded Sweet Spot and will be Game Ready with Super High Performance for you to drop some Big Bombs.

Allow for up to a 3 to 5 Business day delay before we can ship it back to you from the time we either get the order if we have the bat or from the time we recieve your bat if your sending one to us us to preform the Heat Treated Advanced Bat Break In Treatment.