Dudley Lightning Legend 2.0 End Load 13 inch Barrel Senior Slow Pitch Bat

$219.99 - $249.99
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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Chris Steckman, 04/20/2017

This bat is awesome!! I also ordered the break in service and it is well worth the cost, I would highly recommend it.

Reviewed by John Costine, 04/08/2017

First time hitting this Dudley Legend series. Amazing pop right out of the plastic. By far the best bat I have hit.

Reviewed by Gene Harrison, 03/23/2017

Bat needed 100 or so swings to break. Had a definite change in tone and pop when when it came to life. Love the feel when it drives thru the ball.

Reviewed by Chuck Uhlinger (Michigan Vet), 03/16/2017

Not hot out of wrapper, but still good. I have 300 swings on mine and it is now broke in. Nice endload, not to much. Ball jumps off bat. I rate it along side the Melee 2.

Reviewed by Tom Sr., 02/24/2017

First swing is all you need to know, ball explodes off this bat.

Reviewed by Paul "SparksNVBaller" Franco, 02/24/2017

End Load really helps the whip action generate the bat speed through the zone. Max Load took a little getting used to, but after the first 30 swings to warm up man this thing is straight FIRE.

Reviewed by Darryl Watson, 02/23/2017

As good as advertised! Didn't particularly like the 2015 Dudley Lightning, but this model feels much better. Purchased the bat breakin-service as well, so the bat was definitely HOT OUT OF THE WRAPPER. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Alan King aka Thumper, 10/13/2016

This bat was truly hot out of the wrapper. Huge sweet spot and drives the ball hit after hit. As good or better than the 2015 model !!!! Will tell everyone who will listen.