Heat Treated Advanced Slowpitch Bat Break In


$30.00 applied to any bat purchased

Heat Treated Advanced Softball Bat Break in Procedure:

Composite Softball Bats are Stiff when brand new and have some stinging, small sweet spot and lack of performance until they get broken in.

Composite Softball Bats get hot the more they are hit, as the glues and resins soften up some, but it varies from bat to bat on how long it will take to really get broken in.

The major problem with breaking it in by hitting it is these 2 issues.

1. You are taking away from the life of the bat and setting it up to crack sooner than it should and the longer it last the HOTTER it will get.

2. A Softball only impacts 1/8 inch which is a dimple size of the barrel with every hit. Don’t care if you rotate it or not, you are always going to have hard spots on the barrel.

You actually know this all ready, here is what happens. You hit and crush the ball on one swing, the ball carries a lot of distance, then on another swing you thought you crushed it just like the one that did carry, but this time the ball does not carry as well. That is because that part of the sweet spot is still hard compared to the part of the sweet spot where the ball carried the distance.

Leaves you scratching your head and wondering, was it me or the bat. That is also what the Advanced Break in Service will take care of = Consistency. When hit right, they will all carry long distance no matter where you hit it on the sweet spot.

The Advanced Break in does not take away from the life of the barrel and cuts right to the chase of going right out to your games with confidence that your good to go.

Upper level type hitter’s reek of Confidence because their Bats are always the best that they can be, No doubt about that.

Time for you to enjoy that advantage too. For $30 you can transform you hitting to the next level.

Don’t cheat yourself out of getting much better results for all the time and effort and money you’re already investing.

We have a new space age technology way of breaking in your Composite Softball Bat unlike anyone else.

Due to Proprietary information concerns, we are only going to say that we Concentrate on the Barrel all the way up and down and around the barrel in this treatment.

We will repeat the process a 2nd time to insure the best results.

We check each bat with a verified Compression Machine to make sure it stays above the legal limit Pounds PSI that all the softball associations use has a parameter in there field test.

We will send a red card with the bat showing that one of our certified bat experts did the Advanced Break in as ordered.

The Bat will be totally broken in, Sting Free and with a huge Sweet spot and will be Game Ready with Super High Performance for you to drop some Big Bombs.



Reviewed by Joe, 08/15/2017

With advanced break-in the ball popped off my bat no waiting time. Will definitely use this service again

Reviewed by Morrie, 08/06/2017

This is the first time I used this service what a difference it made in the pop of this bat.

Reviewed by Joe C, 07/21/2017

This service is worth every penny. I bought my own bat roller a few years ago. It’s now sitting in the corner collecting dust. The Advanced Break In Service is more consistent process. Do yourself a favor and add this to every new bat order.

Reviewed by Jason, 06/26/2017

Do it! Worth the cost and the transition between my old gamer and new Derby Boy with the Break In Process was seemless.

Reviewed by Jason Rosen, 06/02/2017

Well worth the $, had it done for two combats and both were hot from the start.

Reviewed by Matt, 05/20/2017

Got the break in for my Combat bat and it had great pop out the gate, dont be cheap, be lazy, let them do the dirty work!

Reviewed by Sal, 05/08/2017

This new break-in system is awesome. I can feel a difference. The pop and feel that comes off the bat, let me tell you that is the best 30.00 I’ve spent. I suggest when you get a new bat have this done, you will walk off the field with the biggest smile on your face people will think you were a little kid playing tee ball for the first time.

Reviewed by Kevin Barger, 05/01/2017

I had bought freak platnium balanced asa model with break in service. Very happy with how it was was when I had first bp session of the year. Will be doing this treatment with all of my future bats.

Reviewed by Gary Roeglin, 04/28/2017

Great Bat Break In Service. Tried it on 1 Bat, Rocket Launcher, Had it done to all 3 I have. Great service.

Reviewed by earl james, 04/16/2017

I just sent an adidas balanced melee senior softball bat to have the advanced bat breakin process performed on my bat even though it wasn’t purchased new thru kellys sports I have so much confidence in having previous bats receive the advanced breakin treatment just wanting to let everyone realize this isn’t only a breakin procedure this actually lowers the compression on new bats checked the compression before it was shipped to Kelly s and checked after the treatment process the difference is always at least 25 to 30 pounds of bat compression lower this makes a bat really hot and as usual this bat came back to me RED HOTT HITTING LAZER SHOTS

Reviewed by James, 03/29/2017

i just sent my scott Kirby asa Easton softball bat in for advanced bat break- in service as always it really takes the time out of hitting off the tee or actually gane time to break the bat in I have used this in the past and it truly works don’t buy a bat without trying this proven and tried process ty Kellys sports

Reviewed by John Teetor, 03/11/2017

I used my Miken bat right out of the box with treatment and it was great.