This product is discontinued and is no longer available for sale.

Slow Pitch Softball Bat End Cap fits 2 1/4 inch slow pitch softball bats and fastpitch softball bats and Small Barrel baseball bats. Use a 2-part epoxy to glue the end cap in the bat.

1. So you should all ready have the old end cap out and all cleaned up and ready for this new end cap to go in.

2. First make sure that this new end cap fits into the head of the bat all the way and that it is loose until for you to turn it by hand. If it is too tight or wont fit then sand down the inside of the head of the bat until it will fit in loosely.

3. use a 2 part marine expoxy and put a good sized bead around and about midway on the cap to right under the lip of the cap. You want to make a bead all the way around the end cap so that it end’s up with a circular bead to form an O ring once installed.

4. insert the cap inside the bat and make sure it is all the way in has far has it should go and then turn it 1/4 turn. never release presure on your hand in contact with the end cap and use your other hand to use a Acetone or paint thinner rag to clean up what ever epoxy came out onto the head of the bat.

5. hold the cap in tight with your hand for up to 5 minutes and then stand it upside down on the end cap itself to set for 48 hours. make sure it is a real flat surface with no wind or anything around it that might tip it over.

6. after the 48 hour period you are good to go to use the bat all you want.


Reviewed by R Brown, 01/07/2018

worked great on my Miken Freak